London, UK

Private 5G: A platform for UK innovation

Connecting industries across the UK and internationally. Optimising the ecosystem. Merging what is with what's possible. Everything is iNTTerconnected.
The way the UK does business is changing - fast. Industries have found themselves at the crossroads between on-site and the cloud, between people, data and artificial intelligence. The digital world isn't encroaching - it's here, and it's ready to be integrated. As we move into a more connected, digitally-driven future, demands on connectivity and communication technologies are increasing and organisations need a new type of network architecture to position themselves for success.
In this dinner discussion hosted by NTT & Intel, we will discuss:

  • The role that industry leaders and technology partners can play in helping the UK achieve its ambition to become a global hub for innovation by 2035
  • What do we mean by Private 5G networks and how organisations can leverage it as a platform to build a sustainable, prosperous and iNTTerconnected future for the UK
  • How organisations are tackling agile working methodologies and dealing with the convergence of IT and OT to accelerate innovation




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